Some commonly used terms on this site dealing with concealed carry and holsters:

  • cant – the angle at which your gun is positioned, either forward or backward. Many holsters have adjustable “cant” to allow customizable positioning.
  • carry rig – the specific holster in question. Carry rigs can differ significantly in quality between brands, so going with a quality manufacturer is critical.
  • printing – the act of revealing the outline of the gun under clothing. Printing can sometimes cause public unrest when they realize you are armed.
  • reciprocity – in short, CCW reciprocity is defined as other states that honor your states carry permit. This allows you to legally carry in those specific states.
  • retention – the ability for your holster to keep or retain your gun in place. Too little retention can lead to your gun falling out, while too much retention can lead to a difficult draw.
  • thumb break – the traditional outside waistband holster retention method. A thumb break is typically a piece of nylon or leather attached with a button/snap to keep the gun secured in the holster. To draw the gun, the thumb break must be released.