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An ankle holster is great if you are fine with carrying a small, light gun. I have never heard of anybody carrying a full size 1911 in an ankle holster, a Glock 26 or small revolver would be ideal. Ankle holsters are great if you are wearing dress clothes and other methods would be too obvious.


  • Ultra high concealment. Not many people will be looking for a gun at your ankle …
  • Generally a comfortable method assuming the holster doesn’t ride down the leg.


  • A poor carry rig might ride down the leg. Doing a quick pull on your belt is one thing, but adjusting a sagging ankle rig in public will definitely not go without suspicion.
  • One of the slowest draws of all the methods. It isn’t so slow it’s useless but that’s the price you pay for this deep of concealment.
  • Many guns too big to work. Similar to pocket carry, a small and light gun will be needed.
  • No shorts can be worn, obviously.

Gun Choice:
For ankle carry I choose either my Kahr PM9 or Kel-Tec P3AT. The Kahr PM9 is bordering on a little too big depending on what type pants you are wearing. The smaller Kel-Tec is a better choice for most cases.

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7 Responses to “Ankle Holsters”

  1. Roger says:

    I have been using a Galco AnkleGlove for about 6 months now. I have tried other ankle holsters and they generally slide down, but worse, after maybe an hour the gun starts digging into my ankle. I have not had that problem with the AnkleGlove. I carry a Colt Cobra .38 (aluminum frame) in it. It has a snap-type retention that works without getting in the way when drawing like straps can do. It doesn’t slide down if I put it on properly. That means tight and above the actual ankle. It is no problem when I wear boots to stuff it all in, but I have worn the rig with loafers. Again, put it on right. Only time I nearly had a problem with it was when I forgot and crossed my legs in a meeting. I saw it first and there was no issue, but… You can get it with an attachable garter that rides above the calf, but I haven’t tried it or needed it myself. No a fast draw, but I use it as a backup rather than primary carry. The AnkleGlove has a large velcro band and elastic that works well. It is also lined with sheepskin. I have worn it all day and without any discomfort. I never forget I’m carrying, but this holster is not one that keeps itself in the front of your mind. THis is an everyday wear item for me.

  2. Mike says:

    I tried many different holsters and then tried the smartcarry. I can now draw the pistol just as fast as with OWB holster. Plus I can wear any clothing including my jim shorts. I can even use a tread mill. Hope this helps you.

  3. Morgan says:

    I’ve been carrying a LCP in an ankle holster for several years now and I find it to be one of the best and most comfortable ways to carry. True that it may be a slower draw, but I find it to be convenient enough that I actually always carry and never leave home without my gun. I got my LCP at Impact Guns in Utah. They have a website ( they ship. Not only do they have good prices, they have a 100% replacement guarantee on all their guns. Amazing warranty. Check them out.

  4. lilbear68 says:

    with the countless ppl now carryin cellphone/blackberry pouches i tried the ‘bulldog’ cellphone pouch and while its not what id call fast draw it is very smooth and fairly quick with a lil practice with ‘draw and fire’ at my local range my ruger lcp come out very smoothly

  5. Larry Eastwick says:

    Hey, check this out, I really like my ankle holster, there are so many on the market to choose from.The “Undercover Ankle Holster” was featured in American Rifleman magazine. The holster comes with a leather velcro strap retention device. The strap features a thumb break snap as well as the option to un-velcro the entire snap. Inside the holster the strap is adjustable to ensure a great fit for any handgun! The Undercover Ankle Holster is backed with genuine, vegetable tanned sheepskin for serious comfort.I found mine at

    This holster wont cut or bind you or slide down 10 minutes into wearing it,sometimes i forget I even have it on. Made in the USA of high quality!


  6. Sh. Ahmed H. Al khalifa says:

    Dear Sir
    Just i am looking for 1 unit Ankle Holster for Glock 26 Gen 4
    Please arrange for that i will await for your kind response.

  7. Thomas DeVercelly says:

    how much for ankle holster

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