California CCW Holder Stats

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Here are some statistics of California concealed carry holders (2006):

San Francisco County– population 793,600, 8 permits, 0.001% issuance (!!!)
Santa Clara County–population 1,719,600, 180 permits, 0.01% issuance
Alameda County–population 1,486,000, 194 permits, 0.013% issuance
Los Angeles County–population 9,824,800, 1289 permits, 0.013% issuance
Santa Cruz County–population 260,200, 37 permits, 0.014% issuance
San Benito County–population 55,900, 9 permits, 0.016% issuance
Marin County–population 249,900, 55 permits, 0.022% issuance
Monterey County–population 409,600, 114 permits, 0.028% issuance
San Mateo County–population 717,000, 214 permits, 0.03% issuance
Sonoma County–population 471,000, 144 permits, 0.03% issuance
Solano County–population 405,800, 140 permits, 0.034% issuance
Contra Costa County –population 982,000, 399 permits, 0.04% issuance
Santa Barbara County–population 407,900, 167 permits, 0.041% issuance
Riverside County–population 1,644,300, 726 permits, 0.044% issuance
San Diego County–population 2,918,300, 1540 permits, 0.052% issuance
San Joaquin County –population 596,000, 525 permits, 0.088% issuance
Ventura County–population 781,100, 715 permits, 0.091% issuance

Are you sick yet? Compare this to outdated (1998) stats from the rest of the free world:

Percent of Adults with a License to Carry in each Shall Issue State
7.45% South Dakota
6.79% Indiana
6.76% Pennsylvania
5.23% Connecticut
5.12% Washington
4.34% Idaho
4.10% Utah
3.86% Oregon
3.45% Tennessee
3.15% Alabama
2.72% Florida
2.71% Kentucky
2.67% Wyoming
2.41% Maine
2.18% Arkansas
2.11% Virginia
1.94% West Virginia
1.76% Arizona
1.75% Oklahoma
1.70% Montana
1.70% Michigan
1.62% Texas
1.39% South Carolina
1.34% North Dakota
1.00% North Carolina
0.86% Mississippi
0.62% Louisiana
0.58% Nevada
0.45% Minnesota
0.36% Missouri
0.33% Ohio
0.20% Colorado
0.17% New Mexico

I guess only the rich and famous are privileged enough to defend themselves in the state of California. Please help me understand why any American that values freedom willingly lives there.

Sources: California CCW Issuances, Blogostuff

22 Responses to “California CCW Holder Stats”

  1. John Shriver says:

    It happens because people let it happen.

  2. operator-c says:

    Think about what happens when the right to bear arms is taken away… imagine what sort of Orwellian shit they can get away with then.

    I won’t get a concealed weapons permit because of the price and the fact that you have to give away too much information. I don’t even want the government to know that I own a firearm, let alone ask permission to carry one concealed.

  3. Kevin Stewart says:

    The “arms” are meant as those of a soldier, not civilians.

  4. Kevin Stewart is Stupid says:

    @Kevin Stewart, I think the recent DC case proves otherwise!

  5. Keenedge says:

    @Kevin Stewart: Obviously you haven’t been keeping up with the news, since the supreme court just decided you were wrong. If you don’t want a gun, fine. If you intend to be this incompetent about these issues, i’d rather you didn’t have one.

  6. Mike K. says:

    California is terrible but New York is worse. I am a retired Army
    officer (therefore a “member of a militia” if you still buy the
    tripe about Militias are the reason for the 2A) and I could not
    legally bring my handguns into the state when I moved there in 2003.
    I’m glad to be back in California.

  7. Phil says:

    Hello fellow americans,

    very interesting subject, recently I’ve been educating myself about the California CCW permits. I am a black american born and raised in Californian, served a short time in the USMC and law abiding citizen.

    Reading all of your comments reminds me that we live in a free society and country where we agree and disagree thats what makes this country great, my prayer is that we do not lose those rights including the secound ammendment. I live in Santa Clara county but in order for me to apply for a CCW permit I must apply in Sunnyvale how stupid is that. We all must do our part to learn as much as possible about this subject and fight back we desrve better and shouldn’t have to be a police officer or friend of the sheriff to have good cause to have a CCW permit.



    I’ve been educating myself recently about CCW permits and came across a website

  8. Your Optimal » Blog Archive » Carrying in Kalifornia says:

    [...] or police chief you’re submitting to is looking for any reason to deny your application, as these 2006 statistics show. Here’s some old stats from [...]

  9. steve says:

    I live in Stockton, CA. according to Forbes the 5th most violent city per capita in the nation.
    In Stockton, the only ones allowed to carry weapons are the criminals. The police may carry them, but must get permission and tightly regulated, and if they do have to use them, the come under the most ridiculous scrutiny.
    It is apparent to anyone with common sense that the criminals are the ones with the rights, and the honest citizens and even the police take second place.
    Consider the infamous North Hollywood, California on February 28, 1997. The family of one of the gunmen sued the city and won an out of court settlement, supposedly because they did not get medical aid to the man in time to save his life.

    One person stated that things are they way they are (that we do not have our 2nd Amendment rights as we should because we do not speak up)
    Freedom is never free


    Unless we fight for those rights which are all but gone, we will loose them altogether.

    It must be clearly stated that we are not criminals or crazy gun nuts, we simply want to be able to defend ourselves from the growing criminal population which attack us with the full knowledge that they face unarmed citizens.

  10. Jerry says:

    I have a Ca CCW out of San Bernardino county. Took me 5 mos to go through the process but it is worth it to not be one of the sheeples. In this county you just need to be an upstanding citizen and show individual responsibility. I did not “know” anyone and am not otherwise connected.

    I encourage any law abiding citizen in California to arm yourself, learn how to defend yourself, and apply for a permit.

  11. Mr. Happy Pants says:

    I have a Ca CCW out of San Bernardino county. Took me 5 mos to go through the process but it is worth it to not be one of the sheeples.

    Jerry – were you required to demonstrate a “justifiable” need to carry?

  12. Fred says:

    I have immigrated to califonia (current resident) from michigan…I think you know my thoughts on arms. If you dont here is my summary, “If there is one single reason that makes the United States of America a free country, it is the right to bare arms.” When the secound ammendment was written, it was not documented so that you can (soley) protect yourself from the local gang bangers, but most importantly you (as the mass)can protect yourselves from the government and conserve our democracy(majority rules). I believe that California is the first state that introduces these non-democratic rules so others states like NY will follow, the next thing you know…we end up in our current situation (and progressively getting worse) that we are becoming more and more dependant on our government due to new laws and regulations. It needs to stop now before it escalates into another civil war. – I’ll stop now……..before I bring up the ammunition subject. I appologize for the length of this, but I am thankful that you have read it…even if you do not agree!

  13. /dev/null » I disapprove of what you say… says:

    [...] carry will be illegal until proper training is received. Nor does it allow any form of carry for 99.92% of California citizens, as many counties in the state are ‘May-Issue’ when it comes to [...]

  14. bennett says:

    I’m a Calif CCW holder and pro-guns but….the stats doesn’t make sense to me. Number of permits per population, I don’t believe means anything. For instance in SF County, if only 8 people applied and 8 people were granted a CCW regardless of the population, then the number of those issues per applied would be 100% not 0.001%. I guess what I’m getting at is you’re including the people who haven’t applied for a CCW in the statistics which makes the ratio meaningless. I wouldn’t mind seeing a ratio of those who were granted a CCW per those who applied and throw out any population figures that have no interest in obtaining a CCW.

  15. ALB says:

    Knowing that every other person I pass on the street probably isn’t packing heat makes me all the happier I live here, not less.

  16. CCW % Issuance in CA vs. other States? - CalCCW says:

    [...] CCW. I told her that I did not know but it got me curious. The only stats that I could was this… Concealed Carry Holsters

  17. CRC says:

    Gun freedom is not the only kind of freedom. I value freedom and love living in CA. I just don’t passionately care about guns above all else in life. I enjoy shooting from time to time, and the laws have never restricted my shooting activities. I guess I just have other things that are higher on my priority list. If guns are your #1 priority, perhaps CA is the wrong place to live. If great weather, great salaries, tons of outdoor activities, and a relaxed lifestyle are your priorities, you’d probably love CA.

    In CA, you can surf and ski in the same day. In CA, you can buy alcohol from private liquor stores. No worrying about dry counties, or government-run liquor stores with huge markups. It’s easy to get weed, if that’s something you like. The police are relatively lax about speeding, and lane-splitting on a motorcycle is legal.

    There are all kinds of things that make CA a wonderful place to live, many of them freedoms that are unique to this state. It’s not high on the list of gun freedoms, that’s all. I can live with that. Don’t equate freedom to gun freedom.

  18. Kevin stewart is a moron says:

    Wow ! You are a moron , either you have a unreleased version of the 2nd amendment or just have no clue on what the hell you are talking about ! You should try google and educate yourself before you post crap on here

  19. JusticeDefender says:

    I’ve never thought about applying for a concealed weapon permit until the criminal Vietnamese bf of my estranged sister called and threaten to kill all 14 members of my family if we talk to the law about he molested and tortured my 5-year old niece. As a man of valor and courage I’m not afraid of this threat and will do whatever is lawful to protect my family. Confront threat with no fear is the way to uphold justice and civilization of an advanced society. I might change my career from an engineer to a police officer or FBI agent to uphold justice.

  20. Aviator says:

    Exactly, what “freedoms” are unique to this state (CA)?

  21. CaliforniaCCW says:

    Some Counties (Kern for example) have thousands of CCW holders. Statewide we have more than 30K CCW holders. .1% of the population in California have a CCW.

  22. vector says:

    Getting a CCW in CA is next to impossible. For those of you that got a ccw here you must have never even had a parking ticket and live in a low populated area with a couty sheriff that is a life NRA member. In Orange county, CA there have been over 2,000 request to get a CCW over the past year and none were issued. Then our govener Jerry (poop stain) brown sign a bill so we could not legally open carry in the state, then he let over half of the violent criminals out of prison early because of over crowding. In his bill, to be eligable for this early release you had to have over 15 years left of your sentence. Then he appoves a bill to give all the illegal aliens a free ride to college without any kind of payback requirements. California is goin to the dogs. If I had any sort of cash to move out of here I would. Un fortunetly I a one of the many here in the state that cannot find work that has a livable wage. I have 17 years experience in the IT field and employers only want to pay $10 hr for someone with twice the credentials that I have.

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