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If you carry a gun frequently you will quickly learn how important holster selection is. At first, many people become confused on which type of concealed carry holster to go with. I ended up confused myself, which is why I ended up trying them all. Sadly, many individuals end up picking a method that doesn’t work for them and as a result don’t carry as often. Everybody needs to find a concealed carry holster that will allow them to carry comfortably everywhere they legally can.

Hopefully this website will help narrow down which type of concealed carry holster is right for you.

Concealed carry map 1

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  1. KeyJ63 says:

    This is a cool map I was surprised to see that 2 states actually infringed on the right to bear arms. I thought DC was the only place infringing…

  2. Cyndi says:

    California might as well be all black. Good luck getting a CCW.

    I’d like to sue the govt for the rights of these yellow and black states.

    Let’s stop making a ’safe’ hunting grounds for criminals. It makes a slaughter-house for the innocent.

  3. John Campbell says:

    I think you need to double check your laws in Arizona. We have what is called an open carry law allowing us to carry a loaded handgun on our side as long as it is visible. I wish more states would allow this. Our serious crime rate excluding large cities is very low. Most in large cities are from other stats and probably are not aware of this law. I like the fact that no ccw is needed to carry here. You do however are restricted on were you can carry. No schools or government buildings, bars or places that serve alcohol, and anywhere it is posed no firearms. We gladly obey these rules. Honest people do not have to worry about breaking the law let alone passing the required background check to purchase the firearm. If more people carried a fire arm thugs and punks would think twice about breaking the law. I would imagine the psychological affect it would have on them knowing others are armed around them.

  4. ConcealedCarryAdvocate says:

    @John Campbell

    There are plenty of states that allow open carry. The problem is that the right is rarely exercised. Many law enforcement officers and citizens are simply unaware that anybody can strap a gun to their hip and walk around in public. This is because it has been so uncommon over the past decades. Of course, this causes many “man with a gun” calls. In my home state of Alabama, open carrying is completely legal, but will get you charged with “disorderly conduct” if somebody becomes alarmed and calls the police.

  5. Kevin says:

    @John Campbell

    You still need a CCW to carry concealed in Arizona. You are correct that anyone(that can legally own a pistol/handgun) can carry a gun in public there as long as it is visible. If you want to carry and conceal your sidearm you need a CCW. I live in Colorado now and enjoy the right to have my CCW, but I will move to New Jersey in 2 years and have to fight to get a permit!

  6. George says:

    I live in Kansas and on the Attorny Generals website lists 22 states that recognize the Kansas issues CCW permit. So the other 18 that you show will not honor the CCW permit. It is very important to check the laws of states you’ll be traveling through before you go.

  7. ConcealedCarryAdvocate says:


    You are right, the map above is not a reciprocity map. It only shows permit issue status for state of residence. For reciprocity, see here.


  8. Rocky Mtn Ronbo says:

    Thought you all might be interested in a couple of signs that are posted at my home in Colorado Springs. One is a “blue stop sign” similar to the ADT Alarm services sign – but mine reads: “Protected by my 2nd amendment rights” This sign is available at:
    The other sign I have states: “I don’t call 911″ with a picture of a revolver pointed at you…

  9. Rob says:

    The above map is 2006, is there a more recent one, or has there not been any changes since then?

  10. VNVet52 says:

    Please update map. Arizona now allows no permit concealed carry.

  11. Al Vennemeyer says:

    I’m impressed with your site and would like to add a new type of holster design to your list.
    It is called a Strut Holster which is in a separate class from the other types mentioned. It gives the person another choice for concealed carry.
    You can find a description on; Wikipedia, Gun Holsters, method of wear:
    It is also on my website:
    Please let me know the terms and/or requirements for making this possible.
    Al Vennemeyer, Owner
    Stealth Defense Holsters, LLC
    937 901 2874

  12. Papa # 313 says:

    For those upset with the different state laws, they aren’t that bad. Some states require 10hrs of class and range
    time, this is really a good idea for CCW folks. There are people who have never held a gun and this class will teach them the right way to carry and when to use a weapon. A man in a parking lot was playing with his son, when a man carrying thought the child was being attacked and shot the boys’
    father (DOA). The shooter did not understand the situation before firing, he is in prison now. If you are trained and qualified God Bless You. Check out the states rules before you judge.They usually are protecting our rights,Second Amendment,NRA and you. There are also states that offer non-resident CCW permits check them out.I am an NRA life member and a police officer and care grately and respect our Constitution and what it stands for,as do most police officers
    Papa #313

  13. Al Vennemeyer says:

    A unique design patent pending concealed holster was introduced after the above holster list was published. Check out the 5 features you should consider when buying;

  14. Door Gunner says:

    The map is far outdated and as of Jan. 1st, there are numerous changes. Iowa is now a shall issue state as well. Illinois is poised to become one this year I believe. At any rate, the 06 map is way out of whack! Please update.

  15. BobSmith says:

    Your map is totally wrong when it comes to Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania has conceal carry and open carry, with a permit, and it’s very, very easy to get a permit. It’s a page filled out and a fee. Fee varies by county. No classes, no tests. PA is also a “must issue” state. If they have no legal reason not to issue you the permit, they have to issue it, and they have to give you an answer, by mail, within 30 days of applying for the permit. It’s called a “License to Carry Firearms” here.

  16. BobSmith says:

    Though, do be careful if you decide to carry in Philly, especially open carry. It’s legal, if you have the license, but the cops don’t know it. You’re liable to get harassed, arrested, or if someone’s trigger happy, shot. I’m all for standing up for one’s rights, but personally, when I carry there, it’s concealed.

  17. ConcealedCarryAdvocate says:

    I’ve updated the map to include 2010 changes:

    “There are 40 Right-to-Carry states: 37 have “shall issue” laws, requiring that carry permits be issued to applicants who meet uniform standards established by the state legislature. Two have fairly-administered discretionary-issue carry permit systems. Vermont respects the right to carry without a permit. Alaska and Arizona have “shall issue” permit systems for permit reciprocity1 with other states, and have allowed concealed carrying without a permit since 2003 and July 2010, respectively. Of the 10 non-RTC states, eight have restrictively-administered discretionary-issue systems; Illinois and Wisconsin have no permit system and prohibit carrying. Iowa became the most recent “shall issue” state on April 29, 2010, when Governor Chet Culver (D) signed legislation adopted by votes of 81-16 in the state’s House of Representatives and 44-4 in the Senate.”

  18. David says:

    I could not find a contact form anywhere on the website.
    Could you please contact me regarding advertising on your website?

  19. Dan says:

    Any State on that map which isn’t blue or red should read “right infringed.” Any restriction is an infringement of the 2nd ammendment, which referred to weapons of war, not plinkers and hunting rifles.

  20. Miranda says:

    Looper Law Enforcement has developed a new holster for concealed carry for women called the flashbang. Most women have a hard time with clothing trying to conceal but with this holster, a woman can conceal in a discreet place with comfort and not have to wear baggy clothes! It’s easy to draw too!

  21. harold diamond says:

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