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Pocket carry is a very common method of concealed carry. To safely pocket carry a handgun, a quality pocket holster is needed. A pocket holster will protect the trigger guard, help prevent the gun from getting hung on the draw, and break up the shape in the pocket. Of course, a small and light gun will be required. Many people eventually go to pocket carry after using other methods because they end up carrying their main sidearm less and less. With pocket carry, there is really no excuse not to carry everywhere, since it is so quick and easy. A .380 Auto in the pocket is better than a .45ACP at home.


  • High concealment
  • Very comfortable
  • Quick and easy (just drop into pocket)
  • Hand on gun in the pocket. You can simply put your hands in your pockets and walk around with the gun in your hand. I have heard this argued as a disadvantage because a criminal might think “something is up” when you have your hands in your pockets. I’d still consider it an advantage for most cases.


  • Gun can sometimes get snagged on the draw. Handguns with an external hammer are notorious for this. I highly recommend a hammerless (or internal hammer) revolver or semi-auto for pocket carry. Even something as small as the sights can sometimes get hung on the draw.
  • Usually limited to weaker calibers. .32ACP, .38SPL, and .380 Auto are some of the most common pocket carry calibers. I personally don’t care to carry anything less than a .380 Auto unless I had to. When a reliable micro sized 9mm comes out I’ll be all over it.
  • Low capacity. Not only are you stuck with a weaker caliber, you are also left with less than 7 rounds. A small revolver will limit you to 5 shots, semi auto typically 6-7 shots. There are some revolvers that hold 7-8 rounds but don’t be fooled, the cylinder makes it too wide for pocket carry.
  • Beware of pickpockets. Nuff said.

Gun Choice:
Most of the time I pocket carry my Kahr PM9. Some people may think the PM9 is too wide but I think it’s perfect. Many people pocket carry snub revolvers which are much wider than the PM9. I also pocket carry my Kel-Tec P3AT when ultra deep concealment is called for.

If you are looking for a pocket carry gun, look no further than this great pocket auto comparison.

concealed carry holster pocket

18 Responses to “Pocket Holsters”

  1. D. Turner says:

    This would be a great holster, for the Kel-Tec P-11 9mm. Please let me know a price, so I can consider purchasing one.

  2. Wes Crago says:

    I have a Ruger LCP. I’m looking at the holster I’m looking for. What brand is it and where can I buy it It is the leather holster pictured with and Ruger on this page.



  3. John Davies says:

    Here is the source for that holster: http://www.pocketholsters.com

  4. 9mm pistol says:

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  5. R Hill says:

    Best holster for LCP Conceals gun completly and carry extra clip. Can place in pocket or on belt
    DeSantis holsters

  6. Dave Navarro says:

    You are a very smart person!

  7. Jeremy Harrison says:


  8. Steve H. says:

    Micro 9mm? How about a Makarov? Wouldn’t that be small enough yet still keep your 9mm power? Then again, you wouldn’t want to fall on the muzzle, as it’s prone to firing due to the floating pin. If going this option, I used some cheap-o, higher grain ammo that yeilded flatter ballistics, though the brand escapes me. I believe we had the 95 grain, though. Pulled a 1/4″ below center at about 75 ft…pretty good for a cheap gun and was fairly reliable thanks to proper cleaning. Thanks, and great intro site for the novice to concealment.

  9. Rick Carrico says:

    I just purchaced a Taurus 738 TCP. (380) I like the looks of your holster for the ruger lcp. Do you have one for the Tauras TCP?? If so can I order one now and receive it right away or is there a wait? Also how much… The one I am looking for is a pocket carry.

  10. Frank Hols says:

    Yup, same here – recently purchased a 738 TCP and looking for a good pocket holster. Great gun by the way – over 200 rounds with no hiccups (four differnt brands, two HP’s)

  11. Britt Dixon says:

    Steve H.
    I carry a Makarov, while it’s small it’s heavy and therefore not a good for pocket carry. It’s not really 9mm power either. It’s better than .380 but not quite 9mm on the power scale. As for falling on the muzzle. The light weight of the firing pin is not likely to cause a round to fire. It even passes the tough Californication drop tests with flying colors. A blow hard enough to cause it to misfire will most likely seriously damage the gun. Horndy makes a very good hollow point round for the Makarov. I carry mine on a Beltster and love both the gun and the belt/hoster.

  12. Art says:

    KelTec PF9.

  13. Sh. Ahmed H. Al khalifa says:

    1 Black Hawk Serpa CQC Holster for Glock right hand if you can help

  14. kendall montgomery says:

    Check out our website http://ultimateconcealedcarry.com for the BEST IWB concealed carry gun holsters! We also offer a GREAT pocket holster that actually works more as a grip, CHECK IT OUT!!

  15. Don Dutton says:

    I need a right rear pocket holster for a kel tec P3AT. Can you send me a price on a BLACK ONE.

  16. Steven says:

    I have been using the PPH-007 CCW Ultra-Compact Pocket Pistol Holster for years and find it to be the most comfortable pocket concealment holster available. This holster is compatible with many micro pocket pistols including the Ruger LCP, Kel Tek P-3AT, S&W Bodyguard, Taurus PT738, Rohrbaugh R9 and others due to its tensioning binder screws. It is flexible yet ridged due to the multiple plied layers of various thin select materials. This simple design simply works extremely well and is a superior USA built product.

  17. S.B. Mael says:

    Please go to my website http://www.MaelWear.com for the best pocket pistol holster available. After trying many holsters I decided that I needed to design something better. Three years in development and seven prototypes later I am extremely pleased with my finished design. Be safe, as noted by the author, you will carry the weapon you are comfortable carrying. That carry will end up being the one you can put in your pocket. Because of my design you can carry small without limiting yourself to 5 to 7 rounds. See how by going to http://www.MaelWear.com.

  18. Johnd says:

    I don’t see any references to the Charter Arms 6 shot 9mm Pitbull. Does no-one make a holster for it?

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