Real Gunfighter Lance Thomas

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This guy is truly a hero. He took advantage of his right to not be a victim and used all tools legally available to him. We should all look up to Lance Thomas – a modern gunfighting legend.

Some good points I found from Front Sight:

  1. In each of his gunfights, the bad guy already had a gun in his hand, proving that your action can beat the bad guy’s reaction … so be decisive in your action and make your first shot count!
  2. Mindset and training trump equipment… Front Sight’s motto is “Any gun with do, if YOU will do.” Yes, some guns are better than others, but remember it is the man or woman who does the fighting, not the gun — and this man can fight!
  3. Having a gun in close proximity to you is not as good as having a holstered gun on your person, with the ability (through training) to present it quickly and shoot it accurately.
  4. Just because you get shot, does not mean you die. Even if you get shot, stay in the fight and finish your opponent!
  5. Make your decision now on what you are willing to kill or die for, so that when the time comes there is no indecision in your mind.
  6. Winning a gunfight when you are outnumbered or when your opponent already has a gun pointed at you is not just luck. It takes proper mindset, training, and practice to win time and time again… as this warrior demonstrates.

Good luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

Bad luck is when lack of preparation meets adversity.

Make your own “good luck” by being prepared.

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