Shoulder Holsters


The shoulder holster is another common method for concealed carry. Most shoulder holsters are extremely comfortable and distribute the weight of the gun across your shoulders. I always love when it gets cold so I can wear my jacket and shoulder holster more. Many offerings also usually come with a double magazine pouch standard.


  • One of the most comfortable methods, rivals OWB holsters. With a quality carry rig and much adjusting, the shoulder holster will distribute the weight of the gun so well you will forget you are carrying.
  • No gun belt needed. Are you wearing a weak dress belt that’s not strong enough to hold up your gun? Not a problem with the shoulder holster.
  • Extremely quick and easy draw. Assuming your jacket is open, the shoulder holster will rival any method on draw speed.


  • Must be wearing a jacket for true concealed carry. If you try to wear the shoulder holster with only a shirt there will be very obvious printing.
  • Wearing a jacket zipped or buttoned can hinder drawing speed significantly. If you were using a different carry method (like IWB) the zipped jacket could simply be lifted up to reveal the gun. With a shoulder holster, you will need to unzip or unbutton the jacket.

Gun Choice:
For shoulder holster carry I normally either carry my Springfield Operator 1911 (full size) or Glock 30. With a thick jacket the full size 1911 is hidden fairly well. I also have a shoulder holster for my S&W .460 Magnum (8 3/8″ barrel), but that is definitely not something easy to conceal.

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  3. Jordan H says:

    I am a skinny guy (6′1″, 160 lbs.) so finding a good shoulder holster can prove difficult. I use an Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement Pro Pak ( to carry my full-size Springfield XDm .40, and it works great under a mid to heavy jacket. It is adjustable all over the place so you can really make it your own, and carries an extra mag. and its very comfortable because the shoulder straps are foam. With some practice, one can get pretty fast with the thumb break. Carrying in the hot summer months will be a challenge, as it takes a little more than a wind-breaker to hide such a large gun, but during the fall and winter, this is the way to go. One other disadvantage: There is nothing covering the trigger on this holster, so I do not carry the gun with a round chambered. The XDm only has a grip and trigger safety, so the gun could discharge easily if someone else got a hold of it, or if I were to misplace my trigger finger while drawing.

  4. Charles Lewis says:

    I am a big guy 5′9″ around 400 lbs in a wheelchair. I have trouble finding one to fit a big man
    I thought about going to a fanny pack but have same problem

  5. Keith Noel says:

    need a vertical shoulder holster for 8″ barrel 44 mag revolver.

  6. wayne L says:

    Guys, keep a look out at yard sales or auctions. I picked up a nice galco horizontal rig with a double mag pouch for $5.00. It didn’t fit my Walther P99, so I removed the holster, removed the paddle off of my fobus roto-holster, and intergrated the two with minimal effort. Point is, I’ve got a $150.00 rig for the price of about $35.00. Also had to remove center spacers on the mag pouch to receive thicker mags. Very well pleased with the result.

  7. L Bunch says:

    Thanks for the info and website.

  8. Al H says:

    I went to Fist, Inc. a couple of years ago and ordered a vertical carry shoulder rig for my Colt Commander. In the summer I generally wear shorts and a T-shirt with an open Hawaiian shirt over the rig with no problem of printing. I’m about 6′2 and 305 and have never really cared for IWB holsters. To help keep the shirt from blowing open, I have sewn a small pocket in each of the front corners of the Hawaiian shirt to insert a small round “buckshot” fishing weight. Works great and the Fist holster is the flattest and most comfortable I have tried.

  9. Rebecca says:

    Thanks for the great info! I’m thinking about going with the shoulder holster for my .38 Special to wear under my suit jacket. Being a lady, would this be just as comfortable for me? Do you suggest any specific ones for my piece? Thanks again for the great resource!

  10. Mike Scott says:

    Check out for a strapless single gun or two gun shoulder holster. Can be worn directly on the skin and covered with a tee shirt. Very popular with people who ride motorcycles with just a tee and a vest.

  11. Vinnie says:

    If you are slight of build or thin you might be better using a vertical style shoulder holster.
    Some vertical style shoulder holsters have a spring steel covered with leather arrangement that accomodates Glocks, 1911s, 4″ revolvers etc. with the same holster. Only buy one holster for different gun types.

  12. Fred Find says:

    I do not see anything about kangaroo Concealed Holsters, thinking aobut purchaseing one and would like some feed back.

  13. barry says:

    this is a great website! thank you for the information it was just what i was looking for.

  14. TJ McNamara says:

    I have a friend that uses the kangaroo carry and likes it very much. Looking to get one for my Taurus 24/7 DS .45

  15. Spikey614 says:

    This is too Chuck Lewis.
    I have a similar problem with my size and a shoulder rig but I then found They made a Very Nice leather shoulder rig for my Witness 10mm. I asked them to make the shoulder straps 4″’s longer for me to trim. They did and it is the most comfortable shoulder rig I own. In hindsight I should have asked them for a Horizontal mag carrier.
    Anyway for right around the SAME price of a new Glaco Miama Classic you can have one made. $149.00 is what I paid. Check them out.

  16. Dawn B. says:

    Hello! I’m Dawn B. and I designed a fantastic new holster for both men and WOMEN! When Your clients see it they’ll say “WOW! Finally! something that REALY works! Please give it a look at I’d love to send You one to try, my gift. Thank You! Dawn B.

  17. SteveL says:

    One of the “Cons” not mentioned is that when presenting from a shoulder rig, proper technique must be utilized to prevent muzzling your arm & brachial artery. Putting a hole through your BA will ruin your day.

  18. gary says:

    does anyone make a sholder holster for a glock 23 with a mag light

  19. Ron Larsen says:

    I think J>R> ROscoe makes holsters like that. You’de have to check their website to be sure

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