“Smartcarry” Holsters


The “Smartcarry” style of carry is basically a gun pouch. The pouch has room for the gun and a special slot for a spare magazine. It will allow you to carry the gun highly concealed similar to the IWB holster but without the need for a higher pant size, or even pants with a belt at all! I really like the fact that I can carry during the summer in gym shorts without a belt. “Smartcarry” is the perfect summer carry method.


  • Another extremely comfortable method. The holster is attached with velcro and elastic which will really make you forget you are carrying!
  • Deep concealment. Literally no part of the gun will ever be exposed using this holster (though you can adjust it to do so, if you like).
  • No need for pants with a belt at all.


  • Ease of drawing hindered. Assuming you wear it how they recommend, the gun will be completely below your waistline. You will only be able to get a small grip on the rear of the gun as you bring it out. I found it slow at first but after a while you get used to it with a little practice.
  • Little retention on the gun – nothing to keep it from moving around. I can’t imagine this would be an issue in most cases but there is still the possibility of the gun coming out if you fell down the right (or should we say, wrong) way.
  • Printing might be an issue. It took me a while to finally get the perfect height to minimize printing of the gun.

Gun Choice:
With my Smartcarry holster I first started carrying my Glock 19. It definitely does the job but the frame of the gun is a little large to fit the way I wanted. My Kahr PM9 works perfectly, though.

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40 Responses to ““Smartcarry” Holsters”

  1. KeyJ63 says:

    It says that this is “below the belt”, does that mean it is basically over the crotch area?

  2. ConcealedCarryAdvocate says:

    Yes, the Smartcarry will rest right over the crotch area.

  3. Kate says:

    Great idea, but not real helpful for us women.

  4. Matt says:

    I have a sig P239 and it works real well for an all around holster and I wear mine like a traditonal holster (on my side) and found if I use uppohlstery thread and put a few stiches in it (one at the base of the trigger guard) I can easily up the retention of the holster and I did a lil sewing on the other side too so that I have defined mag holders aswell. Its a great all around holster when you put a lil thought into it.

  5. ConcealedCarryAdvocate says:

    Interesting idea, I will have to give that a try.

  6. Steve says:

    This sounds like a good concealed carry solution, but….how does one get access to use the restroom?

  7. ConcealedCarryAdvocate says:

    You can easily “spin” the holster to the left or right so you can use the restroom.

  8. chris says:

    one of the reviews of this carry method i read said that going to the bathroom did present problems. its easy to get your firearm out of the way, but not so easy to get it back into a comfortable position that’s not printing. pretty awkward to be caught in the office bathroom adjusting your “junk” in the mirror ;)

  9. Matt says:

    I love the smartcarry holster for my snub nose .38 … but bathroom trips are a bit tricky.

  10. JD says:

    I’ve used one every day for 10 months carrying a Smith 60,.357, and two speed loaders. It is absolutely the best method. You can carry unnoticed anywhere except thru a metal detector. With regular practice you can put 2 shots in a qt. paint can at 7 yds., in 2 secs. flat.

  11. Roger says:

    I have one. I have a drawer full of holsters. Different types for different needs (and guns). The Smartcarry is not my favorite holster. I have carried a 5″ 1911, but it is not comfortable to sit. More realistic carry like snub revolvers work well. Best is, of course, hammerless though I have carried both types with this holster. I have carried a 3″ 1911, and it works okay. Generally I end up with a small bump from the end of the grip just below the belt. Not really noticeable to anyone except me. I know I wouldn’t notice it on another guy since I simply am not interested in that area on another guy. Girls don’t seem to notice it, so either it doesn’t show that much, they aren’t interested in that area of me, or both. Access is slower than most other holsters (practice helps) and retention can be an interesting experience, best done in private. Bathroom breaks, you can shift it to the side or even raise it up onto your abdomen. I find that works best for me. Guys, plan on avoiding a urinal unless there are large side partitions. But you would probably be doing that anyway unless carrying in a pocket. My biggest complaint comes when you have to, umm, “adjust” yourself. Makes it really difficult. As I said, not my favorite, but it is the holster you go to when nothing else works. Sweatpants with elastic top and no belt for instance. It is a part of my holster collection for times like this. It is not that expensive and it fills a niche that nothing else does. If I hadn’t bought it, I would.

  12. Roger says:

    Correction to my post, Not retention. I have not had a problem with that. The gun sits low enough in the holster that it won’t come out accidently. Well, maybe if you stand on your head and shake. I meant to say re-holstering can be interesting.

  13. Bob says:

    I have a 43 inch waiste and my hips are probably 42. What I am getting at is my stomack projects forward and my pants end up sliding down below the naval. Will the smart carry work for us larger individuals. I was wondering will the smart carry help my pants not to slide down as much? This question sounds dumb but it is a real issue. I like my pants at or just below the naval but since I put weight on I can’t keep them their. I would be carring a Skky CPX 1.

  14. ConcealedCarryAdvocate says:


    SmartCarry could work for you. However, I think you might want to try out a true gun belt before you give up on waistband carry. I also wear my pants right below the navel and mine would sag badly before I got a gun belt.


  15. Steven Davidson says:

    I have a Stoeger Luger 22lr.w/4″barrell.Will this holster work for my gun.Thanks Steve

  16. LCP_LOVER says:

    Ace hardware has concealed carry purses I love mine

  17. greg says:

    I have a taurus judge and want to know if it will fit in the smartcarry

  18. AL Mann says:

    I have 32 inch waste and 34 inch length and 6 foot tall. Which makes me slim (190 lbs). Would this work for my build on Glock model 23 40 S&W?

  19. AL Mann says:

    Just wating for answer to question from dec. 10th 209 i have already orderd.

  20. Mike says:

    I have been carrying my Springfield XD40 subcompact in this holster for about 8 months. I love the smartcarry holster! My only beef is not with the holster but with the firearm itself. The “squarish” shape of the slide leaves a small bump just under the belt line and eventually wore a hole in all my jeans. I agree with Roger(Feb 16) in that I do get some printing, especially the edge of the slide and butt of the gun but if anyone has noticed they have had the decency not to stare or mention that they notice.

  21. lee says:

    the small gun wont ride so low so it will be more comfordable right?

  22. Michael says:

    I tend to wear alot of t-shirts….rarely wear a jacket. would this type of carry work for me, or do i need to go with a different method

  23. jeff says:

    I have a Springfield XD-M 40 Would this method of carry work for me? Im realy starting to think I might need to buy A smaller gun because im not finding any good ways to carry my gun without it showing, other than maybee wearing heavy clothing or a jacket to cover the handle of the gun sticking out of my jeans. If I half to wear a jacket or sweatshirt all the time I wont want to carry it.

  24. Lunatic says:

    I’ve used this holster to carry a .40 Taurus. Using the restroom isn’t an issue for me. If you ride a motorcycle, it could be uncomfortable for you, but I’d imagine that depends on the size of the gun. Actually drawing the gun is a bit difficult for me, but like anything else I’d imagine that gets better with practice.

  25. sharpshooter says:

    Ok folks I have a semi slight build 5′9″ tall 34″ waist and 185 lbs. and I carry a Sig P229. I am just wondering how will this work if I don’t wear really loose jeans when I try to sit in a chair or booth?

  26. Buddy blaine says:

    How do I contact you? I would like more information and prices.

  27. Darryl says:

    I have owned and used a SmartCarry for almost a year now with my Glock 19. I like it. As all other methods of carry, it does take some getting used to. I am 5′6″, 220 lbs, so my belly does hang over. Drawing in the car is very difficult and I can not use it on my motorcycle. But as a computer consultant, I am in many offices, the deep concealment is really nice. To my knowledge, no one has ever noticed, and I am very close to people while helping with their computers. After a few trips to the bathroom, you do get used to having to adjust the holster, but it might be best done in a stall the first few times. I do find that I do not need to have my belt as tight to hold up my pants and in fact your draw is faster if your belt is loose. With this holster, you do not even need to wear a shirt to have full concealment, just a bit of room in the crotch of your pants.

  28. Steve says:

    I carry a 23 glock 40 caliber most of the time. I wear overalls a lot and am thinking that this will work great with that and would appreciate any feedback.Does anyone carry a medium size gun like mine that could give me your results? Im thinking the draw would be fairly fast from overalls..

  29. Steve says:

    Yeah is it big enough for a large man? I wear a 46 to48 waist size, is that an issue?

  30. ed says:

    looks like a good way to blow away “mr. Fred” when re-holstering a glock with a round in the chamber. try sitting in a car with that thing pointed at “mr. fred’s” head all day. Just get a good paddle or pancake holster and a basketball shirt. should be ok. most CCW people are over concerned about printing. If your shirt has a dark fabric or better yet, a broken busy pattern like a hawaiian type shirt, believe me, the public will not notice mild printing unless they got it in their mind to check everyone with a baggy shirt or a hawaiian shirt for a gun. Of course if you act nervous and all, and fidget with your holster etc. that will draw immediate suspicion and a MWAG call to the cops.

  31. carol watkins says:

    I was able to find a site that caters to concealed carry and to women. These guys have dedicated a complete section to Concealed Carry and to Women. Im sue anyone concerned with concealed carry will find what they are looking for Including us women!
    Here is the link: http://www.personaldefenseservice.com/cart/catalog/Womens_Concealed_Carry-39-1.html

  32. Kevin McMaster says:

    Got a Ruger LCP? I found a wicked LCP Holster made in the USA. This thing fits an extra mag and is so comfortable, I forget I am wearing it. Found it here:


  33. Lacy says:

    LADIES and smaller gentlemen-I’m a fairly small gal (5′3″, 130 lbs) and I have been carrying a FULL SIZE S&W M&P in a Smartcarry for several months. It works great for almost everything, but here are some tips/caveats: I bought it because I wear scrubs, and it’s great for the no-belt pants. It can be tricky to cover with regular tops though, as I’ve learned to wear the gun a little to the right of center and a little higher than recommended. I place it so that the grip is fully above my waistband, otherwise the barrel makes it look like I have “male parts.” I like the easier access at that height, too, and being off center makes it easier to move around. I’ve found the velcro on the back to be pretty itchy, so during the summer I used a tube of fabric around it, and fall-spring I wear a long tank or other shirt under it to keep it off my skin. Other than that, I love it and recommend it to anyone wanting a method that doesn’t require a belt or extra hardware. Even with a full size pistol, with most of my clothing (which tends to be pretty fitted) I don’t have much issue.

  34. Shawn says:

    My smartcarry works best with slacks (not jeans) and a smaller frame weapon. Use safety pins to modify for different shape or size guns. Worst part is if the velcro waistband rides up a little it’s really scratchy!

  35. Paul says:

    I use my SC with lightweight atletic shorts (black)that I purchased at Target for $9.00 It has an elastic waistband which works perfect for concealed carry

  36. Larry Maxwell says:

    I am new to the concealed weapons carry concept i have a full sized 40 but i am thinking of buying a glock 23 because it’s smaller- is this a good idea? My hands are just too big for a subcompact.I’m not really thrilled with having a gun pointed at Mr. Binky- i want it on my left hip so i can do a cross draw am i being realistic? Pleaae e-mail me at laanimalcop@gmail.com

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  38. Tony says:

    can you wear it at 4:00 position ya know be hid the hip?

  39. julie says:

    Would it be the easiest for a mom with two small children? I’m looking do something that won’t get in the way when I’m taking my kids out and in their car seat.

  40. David says:

    I’ve been using SmartCarry with a Springfield XDm 45 acp 3.8″ compact with extra magazine for 9+ months. If I’m wearing tighter than normal pants I’ll skinny down to my Ruger LC-9. But I generally prefer the bigger caliber of the .45 and the extra round capacity of the XDm. And there is almost no difference in comfort. Still wear 12-16 hours/day with no fatigue. I haven’t had to buy any larger sized pants to accommodate concealed carry. I wear everyday from morning until bedtime. If I’m wearing pants I’m wearing a gun. I tend to sit a lot at the computer. I find it very comfortable. Draw time is decently quick, especially with a little practice. Concealment is excellent. I wore everyday for 4 months before I told my wife. She had never noticed. Nobody else has ever made me that I know of.

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