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I thought this was an interesting picture. This approach is used by the New York City Police department to train their officers to spot concealed handguns. Keep in mind concealed carry in NYC is limited to only the famous, rich, and powerful.

Spotting a Concealed Handgun 1

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  1. dysaniak says:

    Sounds like how I act when carrying my iPhone…

  2. Bill Vincent says:

    A good holster, coupled with purpose-bought clothing and some conscious self-training, can defeat all of these tell-tales…to a point. A well-trained police officer may still be able to detect a carrier. Carry responsibly.

  3. mark says:

    This would appear to be applicable more to informal carrys as might be done by goblins and other criminal types. The techniques to spot someone carrying are legitimate, but someone carrying legally (not confining this to the People’s Republik of New York City and neighboring jurisdictions) will have reason to search out more stable and secure carry arrangements that are more difficult to spot.

  4. evasive says:

    Lmao! nice comment

  5. Rocker says:

    Amen!!! I am sure glad I live in the U.S.A and not the P.R.N.Y.C.

    That would be difficult. I suspect they don’t look in a kind manner on those that have their own armory.

  6. ...PHYL0S0PHY5T1K4T3D... says:

    There is very good psychological information for reading the body language in the beginning, but near the end it gets a bit vague,,,i don’t know, but it was very informative and thanx 4 sharin’

  7. chris says:

    You could just carry the gun in your hand, or sling it on your back, then there is nothing illegal about it, because it wouldn’t be concealed.

  8. Nathan says:

    What exactly is the Peoples Republik (Republic) of New York City? I tried to google and wikipedia it, but received no results.

  9. jim sadler says:

    We need to push hard to restore not only the right to bear arms but also the right to use deadly force when needed. We are lucky now in Florida. We are no longer required to try to retreat or back down in order to avoid violence. All that means is that bad people can get killed a whole lot easier than before these new laws were passed. The next step is to make it even easier for people to get concealed carry permits. Simply filling out a form and mailing it in should be sufficient. So far there is no problem from people with gun carry permits at all.

  10. Jay says:

    @Mark: I tend to agree. Legtimate modes of carry are less likely to expose you as easily. That’s not to say that they don’t also have their methods of detection – re-adjustment of pants when holster drags the waist down, etc.

    @Chris: Not so. Open-carry is only legal in some states/counties/cities, not nationwide.

  11. Propecia says:

    this is really interesting. i will have to use these tips when i am in the airport.

  12. Eric says:

    Using all of these techniques, you still wouldn’t know I’m usually armed. (Heck with the laws, they never stopped my friends/family from being victimized.)

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  14. Jess says:

    I use one of these on my SA XD9: i can run and do jumping jacks and no one is the wiser that i am armed. I do have my CWL…

  15. Jerry says:

    @Nathan: If your question is legitimate, he was making a joke comparing communist China (People’s Republic of China) to New York City as in a violation of second amendment rights to carry a firearm, and how police training to spot someone legally carrying a firearm compares to a communist state.

  16. Californian says:

    Sentence one and two of the CA Constitution:

    All people are by nature free and independent and have inalienable rights. Among these are enjoying and defending life and liberty, acquiring, possessing, and protecting property, and pursuing and obtaining safety, happiness, and privacy.

    And since it is impossible to get a CCW in Sacramento, how does one enjoy sentence number two, especially in South Sac.? They will have to carry ‘illegally’ I suppose.

  17. ConcealedCarryAdvocate says:


    Take a look at this, it really infuriates me as well:

    Those two sentences in the CA Constitution only apply if you are rich, powerful, and/or famous.

  18. Dan Z says:

    Most of these things go away with experience in carrying. I had a police officer in my store once. After looking around and chatting for a while, he asked me if I carried a gun for protection. I said “Sure, like to see it?” When he said yes, I removed it from my IWB holster, made it safe, and displayed it to him. He said, “Wow! Where did that come from? I was looking for it, and didn’t see it!”

  19. Tony HAy says:

    Pardon my ignorance, I’m talking from the UK here – but why on earth do you want to be carrying guns around in the streets anyway? I just don’t get it.

  20. ConcealedCarryAdvocate says:


    In America there are many sick individuals that get pleasure out of harming/robbing others. I “carry a gun around in the streets” so I can protect myself and my family from these individuals. In an ideal world the police would be able to teleport instantly to your location to save the day but that’s obviously far from the truth.

    For those 3, 5, or even 10 minutes you are completely on your own. If your attacker has a gun, your only chance for survival during that duration is to have an equalizer – i.e. another gun.

    Have a good day.

  21. KeyJ63 says:


    Tony, Maybe the UK is the safest place in the world and there are not any evil people walking “the streets” there. But if I am not mistaken just a “few” years back and very close to home for you there was a man named “Hitler” who convinced a lot of people that it would be best if they gave up their right to “carrying guns around in the streets” and he and his followers took control.

    So what to “take away” from this: It is not about “carrying guns around in the streets”. It is about having the right to defend your life and the lives of those who you care about.

  22. Mitch says:

    @ #7

    In most locations, a non concealed weapon is illegal and only concealing it is legal with the proper license.

  23. mariah j says:

    ya know whats funny, watch someone get attacked cuz their carrying some juice or something in their pocket, because some scared dumb ass thought they had a gun after reading this.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Thanks your message has very much helped me:)

  25. Tony HAy says:


    Wow, what an incredibly sarcastic/defensive response, what warranted that?. I was merely interested. By a “few” I assume you mean 63 years or more. Yes “Hitler” was his actual name, but quite why you’ve brought him into the conversation I don’t know – the Jews weren’t well know for carrying guns in the street.

    And “take away” is what I’m having for dinner tonight.

    ConcealedCarryAdvocate: Living in London for 26 years, I have been robbed on the street 4 times. Never was my “only chance for survival” to pull out a gun and shoot the guy. Why? Because none of them had guns. Why? Because you can’t just buy them.

    I’m glad I bookmarked this page so I could come back and see the response to my “”"controversial”"” question. Fascinating.

  26. ConcealedCarryAdvocate says:

    I think we can both agree it’s unfair to compare London to some rough areas of the US. Gun culture is HUGE in America and it is stupidly easy to get a gun, illegal or otherwise. Many armed robberies in the US are done with handguns, as opposed to knives or blunt objects like in the UK.

    I’m interested to know how you feel about having no “equalizer” to defend yourself with (a gun). What if instead of a simple robbery this person wanted to physically harm you, your wife, or your kids instead? How would you defend them, assuming the criminal had a gun or knife?

  27. aidan says:

    @ #1, same thing i was thinking. that’s what i do whenever i carry something valuable

  28. Bill says:

    I carry a gun because a cop is too heavy. (Sorry, I had to say that.) Another reason for carrying can be found in the old joke “Call for a cop, call for an ambulance, and call for a pizza — and see who comes first.” On a more serious note, I’m somewhat amazed that you mention being robbed 4 times on the streets as though it’s the most natural thing in the world. I have to assume that, even without guns, those who robbed you threatened you with some form of potential violence if you didn’t comply. (Otherwise, they probably wouldn’t be very successful robbers.) For more insight into why those who arm themselves may choose to do so let me suggest an article by Jeffrey R. Snyder called “A Nation of Cowards”. You can find it here:

  29. Tom says:


    Brit here too. I used to think that it was just crazy Americans who carried guns to ensure the Queen doesn’t come back to order them about, but these days I’m absolutely of the opinion that it’s firstly every man’s right, on principle, to bear arms (the mere possession of a handgun hurts nobody, just like the possession of a car), and secondly that it is a genuine force for social order and a strong deterrent to crime.

    The statement “If you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns” gets sneered at an awful lot by people who think then need to be seen to know better than mere folk aphorisms, but it’s a demonstrable fact, at least in Britain. Making guns illegal (like most “prohibitions”) hasn’t made them go away, as you can see by the rate of shootings we have, and indeed the rate of violent crime in general. If you wish to kill somebody, you can do it with or without a gun. You can do it in your car by accident with far greater likelihood than doing it with a gun by accident.

    Those robbers who robbed you were relying on a threat to your personal wellbeing- if you don’t fork over the money, there will be serious negative consequences for you. It is inconceivable to me that anybody would consider such threats acceptable, and hold the robber’s right not to be endangered by your firearm higher than your right not to have your possessions forcibly taken through threat of violence. Only rarely are shots actually fired in self-defence- firstly, the possibility of an armed target greatly decreases the incidence of confrontational robbery or violence, and secondly, once a weapon is drawn, the robber would rapidly become a victim of natural selection were he fool enough to press the attack.

  30. Tony HAy says:


    Statisics speak for themselves: deaths by guns in the US (2007) 30000(approx), UK (2007) 49. The US has a population of about 5 times the UK (300M to 60M). You can’t really read anything else into that. If it came down to my family being in danger, you can be fairly certain you’re on a level playing field and neither of you have guns (a good start for any confrontation). If they have a knife, slightly different story – still illegal to carry on you, but not to own. I’d probably just hand over my wallet and phone, far easier to deal with the reprocussions.

    To add to my last post, on all 4 occasions, the robber was apprehended by the police within a week and were given jail sentences. No member of any families involved had the death of a love one to deal with. Is it ok to kill someone for trying to rob you of your £70 phone? I believe this may be where our opionions truly differ.

  31. ConcealedCarryAdvocate says:

    Where did I say it was okay to kill somebody over a phone? I’ve only mentioned using deadly force against an attacker if you or a family member is about to experience serious bodily harm or death. You also forget to mention that 90% of the time a petty thief looking for a $100 phone is going to high-tail it when they have a gun in their face, no shooting involved. The criminals that are out to physically harm you are the ones you really have to look out for.

    Right outside the office where I work, a lady that works with us stops for gas. She is approached by two men and they demand money from her. She explains to them she doesn’t carry cash, so they shoot her in the head and take her car instead.

    A lady was out walking her dog in a subdivision about 3 miles from my house, she was shot and killed by a 17 year old thug in a local high school. Witnesses say he just started shooting and THEN took her money. He didn’t even ask!

    Less than a mile from my house there was a home invasion where the whole family was tied up and had their throats slit with their own kitchen knives (doesn’t always have to be a gun, see?). What were they thinking? “Well, let’s just give them what they want so they will leave.” That didn’t work out well at all.

    I could really go on forever. “They are only robbing me, give them what they want, surely they won’t take it any farther than that!” THAT is the fundamental difference between us, Americans (sadly less and less these days) are still willing to stand up against these thugs who think they can just run over anybody and anyone. Better than just laying down and taking it like over in the UK.

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  33. KeyJ63 says:


    I bring up Hitler because without the ability to defend yourself it is only a matter of time before the same thing happens again. Maybe if you had the ability to defend yourself you would not have been robbed 4 times!!! How ridiculous is it to say that the UK is safer because of no guns when you say you have been robbed 4 times on the street.

    I would like to point to the following news article from BBC news


    “The failure of this general disarmament to stem, or even slow, armed and violent crime could not be more blatant. According to a recent UN study, England and Wales have the highest crime rate and worst record for “very serious” offences of the 18 industrial countries surveyed.”

    and onother:

    “When guns were available in England they were seldom used in crime. A government study for 1890-1892 found an average of one handgun homicide a year in a population of 30 million. But murder rates for both countries are now changing. In 1981 the American rate was 8.7 times the English rate, in 1995 it was 5.7 times the English rate, and by last year it was 3.5 times. With American rates described as “in startling free-fall” and British rates as of October 2002 the highest for 100 years the two are on a path to converge.”

    So Tony you can have your opinions but when burglar #5 comes along with a gun or when the UKs murder rate surpasses the United States then you may change your tune and start asking for your right to protect yourself and your family back from the government. But for me and my country I will do what I can to keep us the land of the free and the land of the brave.

  34. DaveTV says:

    Tony, the proliferation of guns in the US makes it impossible to rid the country of guns. Also our nation was founded with the understanding that force of arms might be needed to rid ourselves of a government that no longer served the people. To prevent that corrupted government from disarming the general public, they had an amendment added on our bill of rights.

    So far as violent crime rates, as has been pointed out. I have been on Gods Earth for as many years, and I have never been robbed. I have lived in several large cities in California and the midwest. Being Robbed is a violent crime. If you have been robbed 4 time now, when will it be that your wallet and phone are not longer good enough, when you are eventually robbed again? The criminal justice system of England will only start turning out criminals used to the new laws in the next 10 years. Once that happens (if its not already) you could expect criminals that KNOW you have no means of protecting yourself, and they KNOW how to evade police capture.

    In addition, with the prevalence of closed Circuit cameras in Urban areas has been the beginning of the erosion of your civil rights. Which, by my limited understanding started out similar to ours (Or our had based on earlier versions of British law/bill of rights/magna-carta)

    I’m certain though that neither country will ever figure out how to prevent crime. But one will go so far to prevent that crime that everyone is a criminal and the only ‘free’ persons are the wardens.

  35. coolsea says:

    seems like the man is a lil paranoid about weapons. good to know hes scared of us too. no guns=police state. kinda

  36. eric holder gun control says:

    The trial of 20-year-old college student David Kernell has been pushed back from December 16 to next May 19 to allow the prosecution and defense more time to examine forensic evidence. David Kernell is accused of obtaining unauthorized

  37. jo says:

    “Sounds like how I act when carrying my iPhone…”

  38. joe g says:

    With our economy getting worse and more people losing their jobs, more individuals are turning to crime. I will carry since I have that right, I hope that I never have to use my pistol, but like many have wrote, It’s either me or the criminal, and I will not think twice!

  39. Yes I carry says:

    Let’s just throw something else into the mix here. A military officer once asked a Japanese officer why they didn’t invade America’s west coast. The answer was that they knew very well the proliferation of guns in America and that the American’s had civilian competitions with military rifles and that they were very proficient with weapons, thus it would have been fool hardy to attack the mainland. So a person says that this can’t be proven, whether it can or can’t the fact remains that if America is invaded the invader will have to not only deal with the American military but also several million armed American citizens. When faced with this prospect it is a great deterrent to an invading force.

    But as to the concealed carry yes I do and will continue to carry, because when it comes down to it, to me my life is more important than some two bit thief who thinks that he can run over top of anyone whom he feels like. While I do not want to have to use it if I am ever in danger, I don’t have to wait for a cop doing 80mph when the criminals bullet does 800mph. So Criminals BEWARE!!!

  40. Leisha says:

    Well I also carry concealed. I’m a 23 year old woman, and I live near Flint Michigan which usually is in the running for most murders per capita every year. Personally I’ve had men try to follow me home from college and had teenagers try to kick in my front door. How good of a chance do you think I would have against several grown men if I was unarmed? Besides, being a woman I face not just the threat of physical violence but I have to worry about all the perverts too. I carry to protect my own life and the lives of those I hold near and dear should it come down to it.

  41. Mia says:

    I came across your blog on the google search engine and saw a few of your earlier posts that you did previously . I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the great work. i will Look forward to reading more from you again.

  42. SWUS Personal Protection says:

    Regarding various posts on this thread: 1. On topic, this was good info for police before cell phones, ipods, or pants with large pockets to carry milk and juice! 2. Standing behind a counter in a store and not moving around much it is easier to not do things on the poster for NYPD.

  43. Stanton says:

    Comments on various posts, off topic: 1. No bullets for property. The various costs of using deadly force to protect your life can be great enough and far more than a new Escalade. Right now in New Mexico a DA is prosecuring a marine who killed one of two muggers (the 2nd one ran off after the marine capped the first one and legally correctly the marine did not shoot and did not pursue). the DA says deadly force was not called for against the two larger men just beating and kicking the marine, but who themselves were not using “deadly weapons.” (Join the NRA and get their liability insurance because renter and homeowner insurance will not pay the $250k it costs for lawyers in a deadly force case, criminal or civil.) 2. Police have no legal duty in the USA to protect citizens and are never liable for failing to do so. Remember the news helicopter video during the Rodney King Los Angeles riots? An LAPD car turns the corner on a group of men of one race beating to death a man of a different race down on the ground. The police car clearly is seen quickly stopping, turning around and speeding away (must have been time for their donut break). 3. The outcome of most violent attacks are determined in less than 5 seconds. Call a cop, call an ambulance, call a hooker, will any of them blow onto the scene in time to save you? No. 4. In my homeland Great Britain, with violent crimes increasing, what the gun death statistics don’t say is that we are dispatched by means other than guns. We banned guns (although the police have now rearmed with firearms) and now want to ban pointed knives. Here in the isles all we can do to save our souls is to carry a stout stick and instead of flashing a piece, flash some gnarly teeth hoping that will scare off the bloody blaggards. That’s why I moved to the colonies and am waiting for a 50 caliber conversion kit for an SA XD 45.

  44. Anton in OK says:

    please check your local laws. Here in OK I can only carry up to a .45 caliber. I carry a PF-9. The thing is tiny. My wife doesn’t even know when I have it and when I don’t. I prefer a G19 but I cant conceal it in summer clothes.

  45. Justin says:

    Democrats suck

  46. Jimbo says:

    Now if I could just figure out how to carry my AK47 concealed…. ;)

  47. HickMan says:

    This has been an interesting read…engaging debates right?

    Anyways, I would like to add another perspective/point here, particularly to address Tony’s questions.

    I live in Maine. As most of us know, there is nothing in the state of Maine that even approaches a “big city.” In fact, the entire state has a population of under a million and a half (that’s roughly a fifth of NYC). We are a very light state. That being said, I carry. We have a few different reasons though:

    1) Geography. Small state population wise, yes–geographically no. If someone kicks in your door (happens more frequently than you might think since neighbors often can’t even see each others’ homes) and you call the police, you can expect to wait 45+ minutes for an arrival. This is not because of laziness, since in all likeliness you know your sheriff personally, but simply because of the vast areas covered in each jurisdiction and the rural nature of most homes. Luckily for Mainers, many of us own and are proficient with firearms. We have a very different gun culture than is seen in other places. Most of us grew up with guns and have hunted with and practiced with them since before we were adults. They are tools, just the same as a hammer.

    2) Time spent in true isolation. Ever try to get cell reception in the middle of the woods while you’re hunting or fishing? Well, it might work in some places, but not here. If I find myself in trouble out in the woods, whether it be a bear, wolf, lynx, moose, or armed jackass–I am shit-outta-luck if I can’t take care of myself. I for one would much rather take my chances with my Glock than with my Buck knife.

    3) Coming back to this tool idea. A firearm can be a very useful thing to have. I’ve seen them used for many non-standard uses. The most interesting one in my opinion was tree limb removal (it was a shotgun, don’t worry. No fears about backdrop there). Anyways, it isn’t hard to come up non-conventional uses of a firearm.

    Just a thought or two.

  48. Andre Fiker says:

    Hey, I got here a little late in the party… I’m from Brazil, and very much interested in this discussion. Unlike the vast majority of people who spoke here and who speaks about these topic anywhere, I do not have a formed opinion. I can’t decide if people should be allowed to carry with or without restriction, or if we should go the other way and try to lessen the number of guns around. I find very compeling arguments for both sides, and that irks me, because i’m a man of strong opinions and normaly fast (maybe even too fast) to judge, and in this matter I simply do not find myself able to do so.
    This matter envolves so many layers… Upper layers such as predicted on the making of the second ammendment, a right to bear arms in order to be able to protect yourself from corrupt governments. Somewhat recently, in Brazil, we had such a government, we called it ditadura, can’t remember the yank (or brit) name for it. People were tortured, disapeared,the works. I can’t help to think, how diferently could it have been if we had a strong gun carrying policy then, as citiziens? On the other hand I think of all the messed up people (i’m a psychologist, so I have a vague idea of how many ways there are to be messed up, and how many of them are inconspicuous), all the road rage, all the bar fights and house disturbance cases, and I can’t help but thinking what it would do to our killing rates if you distributed guns to all those people. It is a very complicated scenario, and it includes a thousand intrinsic and extrinsic variables, and, well, it baffles me. Really does. So I like to see people discussing it, there were several good points in this forum, and I think this is a very important discussion indeed. And I really want to get my head straight on these and pick a side, but i’m starting to think, as the robot in that novel, that maybe there just isn’t ’sufficient data for a significative conclusion’.
    Hope someone still comes here once in a while, it would be nice to see an answer to my post.
    So long! (and so sorry about my butchering of the great english language, i just don’t have enough opportunities to practice…)

  49. lilbear68 says:

    we won thave to worry about being taken over by an invading force like the movie ‘red dawn’ were gonna be beaten down from within from out habit of re-electing traitors to congress
    obama removed the tax break for co.’s movin jobs out of state, lol the jobs are all gone now whats the point? we need to hunt down the sob’s that allowed it in the first place

  50. steve says:

    i applaud everyone who is defending their right to carry. i understand a few things in my 21 years so far on this earth. and one of them is this: there are people out there that have no respect for civil or human rights and are so morally skewed that the only option is to either kill them or lock them up and throw away the key. some people might just want your money but i have seen people beat to crap and nearly killed “just cause” i firmly believe without a shadow of a dought that the only defense against these people is to possess a gun. after all we cant we like jackie chan and use our hands. like someone else said before: if its me or the criminal i will be more worried about myself than what happens to them

  51. steve says:

    @andre fiker. i think you have a very rational and well balanced sense of approaching this subject and i really like how you came in with a middle ground and didnt just start spewwing some hate like some people might have done(by the way your english is damn good for someone its not native to). u say your a psychologist so its pointless to explain to you what you already know and thats that there are alot of screwed up people out there. i agree its a scary thought to think these people could run rampant with guns. but these same people will always find a means to harm those they target with or without a gun. hands, feet, knives, baseball bats…..anything really. so the only way to protect ones self is to be prepared so the unthinkable and be ready to execute when needed. i mean we could all take baseball-bats with us everywhere we go but the thugs that target us often travel in “packs” and 3 bats against one just isnt fair in the least. firearms even the playing field. and also in places with a near no tolerence of guns, like the UK, certain criminals will always obtain guns through blackmarket deals or who knows what. so the criminal having a gun and you dont is even less fair than the baseball bat senario. so wheather or not the criminal has a gun when he confronts me doesnt matter. everyone has the right to defend his/her life and general well being

  52. Kelly says:

    Fear seems to be a huge topic in these threads. I hate fear. I will not fear. I will be prepared to meet anything thrown at me and if I can’t avoid it, still, I will not be afraid. It would be pretty stupid to go looking for trouble but if it finds me, I will not be afraid for my family or myself. My family will not be afraid. I guess what I’m saying is fear is not an option and protecting my family and myself is a responsibility.

    Please don’t tell me that I don’t need to carry. If confronted by the dark side, I may never even consider using all my options but I do have more options than most and we will live through almost any situation.

    Some say that they would rather die than harm another person for ANY reason. Does your family feel the same way? Really? OK then, for your family’s same I hope they have someone like me around the corner.

    I am not trying to change anyone’s mind so that they start carrying. When it’s all said and done we both may be dead, I’ll be between the bad guys and the innocents. And you?

  53. Luucius says:

    I personally myself wish that the state of IL, would allow concealed carry. I personally have been the victim of 2 robberies at gunpoint while I was at work. My companies policy at the time was to give them what they want to get them out of the establishment as soon as possible. Well that does not always work when you have time lock safes. Myself and the employee that I had working with me at the time were beaten, personally robbed and threatened that they would come back to our homes and kill us and our families now that they had our information from our wallets. I have been trained in the lethal use of force with handguns. The mentality of its me or them goes threw your head the instant you see a weapon. If i had had a weapon on me there would have been a completely different outcome to those robberies. Instead of dusting for fingerprints, they would have been carrying the thugs out in body bags. The saddest part of the story is that the robber was a former employee that had been fired due to his theft problem. If someone decides to break into my home they will have some major issues to deal with, they will not leave alive. I have one last thought here if you take a step back and look into the history of the world when a government disarmed its citizen’s the government turned around and killed millions of people in there country once they were disarmed. I will not allow some anti-gun fanatic to take my guns from me they will have to take them BULLETS FIRST, then pry them from my cold dead hands. I have fought for this country and I will not allow those mental deficient’s from tarnishing what so many have fought and died for in this great country that we live in. This country was built and founded by our four fathers on the blood of men that fought and died for the freedoms that we take for granted on a daily basis.

    God Bless America

  54. alven says:

    I have a Stealth Defense Holster, which includes a strut design that allows concelment that will not be detected by the claims above. It has no affect on my walking stride and running for exercise, or creates any problems with unusual dress.

  55. Suzanne says:

    Who knew a bad sense of style=gun? Beware frumpy people, Those whom just had there hair done or are carrying electronic items, and for the love of god do not get uncomfortable, or pick a wedgie! All joking aside this is a laugh. For the British or English man whom posted. I don’t judge you for not carrying a gun so how dare you bash on me for not wanting to be raped,robbed and killed. Perhaps I don’t want my child snatched, or some over pompous ass breaking into my home and killing me for my tv huh? That’s fine and dandy you think it’s ok for an overbearing government with there own agenda to take the right to properly defend yourself away, but in america we do not fear our government and quite frankly i’d like to see them try to take our second amendment from us.As much as I despise “hicks” I envy there arsenals. :) I’m happy to be in Florida, after growing up in New York (where only the criminals are allowed to bear arms lol) but what i wouldn’t give to live in Alaska. When you get tired of living in a cubical and decide you wan’t a real house, and when you get tired of being robbed and dictated, we’ll welcome you with open arms. Why? Because we’re America, and we’ll gladly take your poor tired and hungry.
    Now back to the article I have a 380 acp ruger lcp I keep thigh holstered, in the small of my back and in my purse. It’s such a small gun you wouldn’t know i had it even with a well trained eye. It’s light weight and compact making it a great concealed carry. If open carry was legal in Florida I’d have a ak47 strapped to my back at all times. Not because i’m scared of some high school drop out with an agenda, but because my daughter will be safe no matter whom has to die for that to happen. The way I see it anyone whom attacks a women with a child deserves be shot.

  56. joe says:

    I belileve that prohibiting guns to even released crimninals is foolishness. Why? because if someone is too dangerous to be allowed a firearm, they are too dangerous to be running around free. Quit punishing and endangering those of us who are well behave citizens.

  57. John says:

    This was blog was forwarded to me by a co worker and after reading 3 years worth of posts, I have a few comments to put out there. I’ll start by saying that I am a police officer in Pennsylvania. Although many of you may have no faith in your police, I can assure you that most of us will die protecting you and your family. I know this becuase I’ve buried some of my friends who were doing just that! I’ll add that I don’t have much faith in our justice system, which is a shame I know (I’ll touch on this a little later to tell you why). For those of you who mention banning firearms in the US, its a moot point. Violence involving guns has gotten so out of control that it is only the criminals who will procure weapons and continue to use them against us law abiding citizens. I am all for concealed carry and I carry myself, to protect my family and if need be, someone elses family. Its my duty as a police officer, an oath I took 14 years ago and still firmly believe in! Joe said that if a person is too dangerous to possess a firearm than they should not be running around free. I agree whole heartedly. Its this reason I have a lack of faith in our justice system. Criminals convicted of violent crimes are set free, they procure firearms through a multitude of means, be it straw purchases or burglary, and then they kill. They kill my friends, cops, because “they don’t want go back to prison.” They should have never been out in the first place. So to those who think its the police who are trying to take your rights away, know this, most police are on your side! Its our job to protect your rights, the rights of your constitution and mine, not infringe upon them. Would you die for someone you’ve never met? I would because thats the job I signed up for and that the job I enjoy doing. To touch on open carry, we have no law against it and there are many who choose to exercise this right. I say good for you but be warned! You make yourself a target, not for police, but for the very people you’re trying to protect yourself against. Guns bring guns and I caution you that you should spend twice as much time on hand to hand self defense and weapon retention as you do on target practice. The average human perception and reaction time is 1.6 seconds. This means that someone with ill intentions has 1.6 seconds to try and disarm you before you can take any reaction to protect yourself. For those of you that would “carry an AK47 on your back,” I have to say, while I understand your point about the deterrence aspect, unless you have eyes in the back of your head, the idea of open carry with an assault rifle in suburbia is just rediculous.

    Thanks for reading and stay safe!

  58. L'Ange du Bayou says:

    These remarks and clues are certainly accurate if you’re looking to spot someone who has only recently begun carrying a concealed weapon, or who is carrying with the intent to make use of that weapon. Those of us who have been carrying concealed (legally or illegally) for a long period of time have become accustomed to the weapon’s presence, and are no longer so concerned with it’s movements beneath it concealment. These are, however, good tips to use if you are keeping an eye out for someone who plans on using that concealed weapon for some reason or the other. (Usually, but not always, in the commission of a crime.)

  59. Bobby says:

    All those stats(recorded deaths by guns) were caused by the felons who had guns, taking advantage of the poor helpless people who dont have guns,and are not allowed to have them, thus carry. Sitting ducks for the scum out there. When was the last time a criminal obeyed any laws, thus gun laws? Can someone please tell me that? Isnt that why they are called criminals in the first place? Mayby its just me, Mayby Im wierd here…..

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