Test Your Reaction Time

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We all know how important reaction time is when carrying concealed. Less than a single second can mean life or death if you are forced to use your gun to defend yourself. It also becomes critical if you are forced to disarm an attacker.

Try out this test to record and train your reaction time:

Source: Postworthy

60 Responses to “Test Your Reaction Time”

  1. Postworthy says:

    This is a very cool little widget. I will have to practice with it to get my reaction time better. Just in case my life ever depends on it…

  2. karolis says:

    Make shure you dont increase your crap in the pants reation time…

  3. john smith says:

    yeah 0.196

  4. cam says:

    so.. how do you practice or get better? it took me like 20 times to get an avg under 2.

  5. Jason says:

    .183 fastest

  6. carlos says:

    hey why practise this when you can play video games which are alot more interesting

  7. Holy crap says:

    holy crap i just managed a single time of 0.012. wow. its like a world record O_o

  8. joe says:

    my fastest is .192

  9. John says:

    0.012 means you pushed before you saw anything, or you’re a jedi. My fastest time was 0.162. I got startled.

  10. Slava says:

    Mine is 0.152 )

  11. jedi says:

    i am a jedi, i just got 0.026 for a single time

  12. Manny® says:

    best avg time ever!
    go gamers!

  13. Nghia says:

    My fastest is .163 Average is .185
    Now I need to get a gun ;-)

  14. Mitch says:

    LOL best single time evar! .133, and im not a jedi lol w00t

  15. Bryce says:

    Check out this reaction time game – http://www.quikclikrt.com/.

  16. abdy says:

    Well, I am a true Jedi

    Fastest reaction – 0.003

    Avearge – 0.153

    I screenshotted it if you dont believe me :)

  17. Howard says:

    Got a 194 after two times and I’m 65 years old. Not bad for an old fart, huh?

  18. hudezz says:

    my best single is 0.025 i’m better then jedi :)

  19. abdy says:


    im afraid your not ;)
    0.025 is a lot slower than 0.003 :)
    and I only class myself as a Jedi!!!!!

  20. oldone says:

    I’m 63 yrs old you youngsters should be able to beat .182 or go back and practice.

  21. O.D. Cleaver says:

    Averaged 0.196 reflex time. Interesting, but not a real source of actual reflex time as test subject is prewarned that something is about to happen. Also the circle is stationary. Results might be more accurate if one had to keep their eyes on an eradically moving circle. This was more for entertainment purposes in my opinion.

  22. DL says:

    Got average of 0.196, fastest was 0.15, had three under .2 :D

  23. brokenballoon says:

    I get “1″ no matter what I do… let it sit, tap furiously without provocation… just “1″ every time.

  24. brokenballoon says:

    oh my… i’m a fool.

  25. Respect granpa says:

    I am 17, doing “Kung-fu – the art of wing chun” the martial art and got an average of 182. I didn’t cheat by pressing random, but respect to the elders…

  26. Down by the river I shot my baby says:

    That was the darndest most confrabulating contraption.

  27. satheesh says:

    My fastest is 175.. Yeaaaaaeeee :)

  28. aslman says:

    .038, babbe give me my gun…

  29. Jedi says:

    Fastest reaction – 0

    I guess that makes me Yoda!
    I have photo to prove it.

  30. laurence says:

    what!? the last one was always my slowest one!? hmmm

  31. ninjaloswiftkick says:

    o yea!!!
    I got .000000000000000000000001

    actually got .238

  32. Cris says:

    0.089! WHAT!… Im part Jedi

  33. TJ says:

    So what I got .091 av, gamers can game it, but in real life if you don’t
    practice perfect practice you’ll just be the worlds fastest MISS> There are no second place winners in a gun fight. PS I’m 50 something.

  34. lolcats says:

    i got fastest of 0.003 and i am a trained jedi master sorry to ashame you all like that but i was born with these steez

  35. Re says:

    0,007 but that was lucky :P

  36. john sess says:

    Mine was the average .3o so knowing that, I’ll just squeeze a little sooner. Remember, it’s always better to be judged by 12 than to be carried by 6…

  37. FatCam says:

    single best time is .023

  38. Cmart08 says:

    0.189 fastest single one was .014

  39. HarryCallahan says:

    My fastest average time is .128 and my fastest single time is “0″, I’ve gotten zero 5 or 6 times. I’ll tell you right now I believe it’s impossible to get zeros by actually clicking the button when you see the dot change color. I think you really do have to use the force like someone previously posted.

  40. Simon says:

    0.164 average

  41. joblow says:

    i switched from my brand new laptop with touch pad mouse to desktop with a wireless mouse went from barely under .3 as my best and most averaging around .34 to getting .24 the first two times i tried, then switched to wired mouse and never got above .22. Shows that some people might be doing way better then others and getting higher numbers just because their computers suck.

  42. Franklin Aragon says:

    0.04 on the last one….I did see the big circle but it was a blur ;my avg. was only 0.179 =(

  43. Danny says:

    .04 fastest, no bull. it was kinda a fluke but i still got it motha fucka

  44. tanner winward says:

    1 .117
    2 .125
    3 .117
    4 .14
    5 .11
    average .121

  45. tanner winward says:


  46. Ardan says:


  47. Axel says:

    0.284, I need practice haha

  48. Franklin Aragon says:


    ^^^try this, its just as fun and it involves sheep. Avg. I got right now is 0.1666 sec

  49. Stephan says:

    2.15… may be better ;)

  50. dawson says:

    .044 O_o that was sweet

  51. aierdre says:

    wow my fastest was 0.006 no joke. though i did click before i saw anything so…i guess it was a “stretch out with your feelings” moment

  52. saime says:

    0.19 :)

  53. mualla says:

    0,212 is pretty good,isn’t it?

  54. Vark the Serpent Slayer says:

    Impressed with this.More than one principle involved here.My best so far:0.754

  55. Smith Smitherson says:

    0.06 fastest

  56. Max says:

    Holy crap no joke my fastest was .044!

  57. Ben Branam says:

    What a fun thing to play with. I thought I was doing okay until I looked at some of the other times. My best time 0.3.

  58. Floyd Bridges says:

    I’m thinking .208 is not too bad for a 70 yr old.

  59. Brian says:

    .045 fastest

  60. Amy says:

    I know from other tests that my reaction time is between .018 and .07 seconds but half the time I do this it gives me a one second penalty even though I am clicking after it changes so I average .366, with a slight pause so I don’t get the 1 sec penalty my best average was .282, the best I could get on this without having it counted as a 1 sec penalty was .085

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