The Five Year Plan

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The Obama campaign has been quiet on the issue of gun control to get Obama elected. Now that Obama will officially be the next President, the Brady Bunch has dusted off their old five year “gun ban” plan they used during the Clinton administration.


  1. National Licensing of all handgun purchases.
  2. Licenses for Rifle and Shotgun owners.
  3. State Licenses for ownership of firearms.
  4. Arsenal Licenses (5 guns and 250 rounds of ammunition).
  5. Arsenal License Fees (at least $300.00, with a cap of $1,000.00).
  6. Limits on Arsenal Licensing (None in counties with populations of more than 200,000).
  7. Requirement of Federally Approved Storage Safes for all guns.
  8. Inspection License. (Gun safe licenses, yearly fee for spot inspections).
  9. Ban on Manufacturing in counties with a population of more than 200,000.
  10. Banning all military style firearms.
  11. Banning Machine Gun Parts or parts which can be used in a Machine gun.
  12. Banning the carrying a firearm anywhere but home or target range or in transit from one to the other.
  13. Banning replacement parts (manufacturing, sale, possession, transfer, installation) except barrel, trigger group.
  14. Elimination of the Curio Relic list.
  15. Control of Ammunition belonging to Certain Surplus Firearms. (7.62×54R and .303).
  16. Eventual Ban of Handgun Possession.
  17. Banning of Any ammo that fits military guns (post 1945).
  18. Banning of any quantity of smokeless powder or black powder which would constitute more than the equivalent of 100 rounds of ammunition.
  19. Ban the possession of explosive powders of more than 1 kg. at any one time.
  20. Banning of High Powered Ammo or Wounding ammo.
  21. A National License for Ammunition.
  22. Banning or strict licensing of all re-loading components.
  23. National Registration of ammunition or ammo buyers.
  24. Requirements of special storage safe for ammunition and licensing.
  25. Restricting Gun Ranges to counties with populations less than 200,000.
  26. Special Licensing of ranges.
  27. Special Range Tax to visitors. ($85.00 per visit per person).
  28. Waiting period for rentals on pistol ranges.
  29. Banning Gun Shows.
  30. Banning of military reenactments.


  • Ban of all magazines holding over 6 rounds.
  • Elimination of the Dept. of Civilian Marksmanship.
  • Ban on all realistic replica and toy guns (including “air soft” and paintball).
  • The right of gun-violence victims to sue, with financial assistance from government programs, the gun manufacturers.
  • Taxes on ammo, dealers, guns, licenses to offset medical costs to society.
  • The eventual ban on all semi-automatics regardless of when made or caliber.

Please join the National Rifle Association (NRA) NOW! There could not be a more critical time to keep insane bills off Obama’s desk; he will sign anything into LAW.

Sources: Brady Backs Barack, The Five Year Plan

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  2. Mike Harmon says:

    I’ve been reading along for a while now. I just wanted to drop you a comment to say keep up the good work.

  3. toy guns for sale | Bookmarks URL says:

    [...] The Five Year Plan Ban on all realistic replica and toy guns (including “air soft” and paintball). The right of gun-violence victims to sue, with financial assistance from government programs, the gun manufacturers. Taxes on ammo, dealers, guns, … [...]

  4. Lyric Hart says:

    My response, as a free American man: Not if I can help it. Our rights are not granted by any government or authority. They exist solely because better men than ourselves stood up and demanded them, whatever the cost. It is time to stand up and demand our rights once more. If they come to take my guns I will give them the ammo first. Keep up the good work and keep getting the word out. A man with a gun is a citizen; a man without a gun is a subject.

  5. ConcealedCarryAdvocate says:

    Thanks for the comment, I’m with you 100%

  6. Dave says:

    Those that worry and fret over these potential laws will be the first to roll over and give up their weapons of defense.
    I don’t care what any politician says
    I don’t care what any judge declares
    I don’t care what our congress agrees upon
    I don’t care if the US ends up in some global government whose tyrannical leader enacts the death penalty for gun possession,I shall never give mine up.

  7. tv says:

    if you want my guns, you better bring yours…

  8. colin says:

    So, hows that 5 year plan going? So far nothing on there has even been talked about in serious political discourse. How bout a retraction?

  9. howdy says:

    Well, now I haven’t heard a thing about this except for firearms dealers and pawn shop owners. Isn’t it time to yell “BOO!” again and ramp up some more sales? Try not to be honest about it. Range taxes? Puh-leeze.

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